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Default Re: Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

just because the ship has been there for 18,000 years doesn't mean Kara has been out and about for that time.she could've been in frozen,suspended animation until very recently. indeed,considering when Clark goes to the ship one of those security drones is already up and about,I'm of the thought process that Kara waking up and leaving her pod set off the emergency signal that Zod and Co. homed in on,more than Clark accidentally triggering it. so,theoretically,she could be out in the world for less than a year,confused, in distress trying to adapt to the new atmosphere,and not knowing the native languages.she could be wandering the arctic wastes,surviving because of the sun, but not knowing what was going on with her powers, i.e. not knowing she could fly,etc.

maybe word reaches the Planet of a story about a woman found by Eskimo's who supposedly has strange powers. a story that could interest someone like Clark Kent.

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