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Default Re: Webbing formula - Part 1

June 14, 2013, was probably the most integral day in the entirety of the web shooter project.
I synthesized my ideal formula and ran it through the shooter. However, due to the way the solenoid works, it wouldn't run through because it was too thick and began solidifying too quickly. I had spent 6 years up to that time trying to do this project, and I had just failed. I had just about given up. I headed upstairs to my room and started looking through some old files. I found an old paper from seventh grade, detailing a formula that I had made up. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I made the formula. However, I had to dismantle the shooter since the solenoid was all clogged up. I just poured this stuff I made up in seventh grade onto my hand, and...
It worked. Somehow, I was able to make the perfect formula spray in the seventh grade with no knowledge of chemistry. I've always had a tendency to overcomplicate things, but this is it. This is the spray formula I have been waiting for. Once the shooter is put back together, I will shoot this formula. The best part... this spray formula can be made with materials from around the house.
Thus, I will make my next video to show this new formula. Make sure to watch my newest video on June 20, on the Youtube channel SpiderDevice.

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