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1. A Walk in the Woods (we see him lost in the mountains)
2. Threnody for Nagasaki (dream? too soon to be a flashback about the war)
3. Logan Can’t Bear It (nightmares...ou a real bear fight like in the comics..)
4. Logan’s Run (Japan trip??)
5. The Offer (Yukio/Yashida meets Wolverine and gives him the offer)
6. Get Me to the Temple on Time (Yashida death/funeral?)
7. Who Invited the Yakuza? (in the funeral)
8. Hold My Sword
9. Logan in the Latraine ??
10. Matzah-Hisu ??
11. Abduction (Marikos abduction?)
12. Logan’s Fun
13. Ninja Knocking (the snow scene from th trailers?)
14. Kantana Surgery (when he is attached to the chair with Viper?)
15. The Wolverine (When he releases from that , Wolverine theme)
16. The Hidden Fortress (then he goes to Yashida science facility/laboratory)
17. Silver Samurai (robot fight)
18. Sword of Vengence (he uses the sword that was given to him in the ww2 and kills the samurai)
19. Dreams
20. Abayo Mariko (death of mariko)
21. Where to? (we say goodbuy to wolverine)
22. Whole Step Haiku (Haiku=sensorial poem , final credits..)

Somewhere there, the train fight...

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