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Default Re: Ghost Rider is back at Marvel Studios!

Originally Posted by Teelie View Post
After the disappointment of the first two in the box office, 10 years sounds possible. I'd like to see Ghost Rider done as an R rated movie that isn't hobbled. Unfortunately I'm not sure they'll get the chance.

Blade on the other hand is more likely to get the reboot treatment at this stage. It was a successful franchise that holds up well enough.

I just don't see Dare Devil or Punisher being rebooted any time soon. Neither had the success to justify sequels (Punisher's was more reboot than sequel). And poor Elektra, that'll never happen again.
Blade is so wesley snipes though. I mean to most people they identify blade more as a wesley snipes franchise than a comic book one.

I think a non-snipes blade film will be taken to as well as a terminator salvation. You'll notice they're bringing arnold back for the next terminator film.

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