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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
He's definitely never been very high on my list at all. Probably because he is such a unquestioning patriot, christian, conservative and son. No nation, god, parent or political party is so worthy of anyone's unfaltering loyalty. If you don't question your government or your beliefs you are quite frankly not worthy of either my respect or admiration.

This version depicts him as flawed, determined, introspective and conflicted. Finally a Superman I can relate to. And all without the Kryptonite cop-out plot device. They managed to make a viable threat for him without the use of some stupid rock! Go figure.

Will most assuredly see again.
You are not supposed to identify with Superman. People's demands to be able to identify with him and view him as "cool" are ruining the character. Boy scouts aren't cool.

I'm not defending his views. I actually personally disagree with him (I'm an atheist and question my government A LOT). But that is who he is. Clark was raised by an old farm couple in Kansas...I'm going with the odds.

Kryptonite is not his only weakness. His greatest power is also his weakness. His super-compassion gets him beat on quite a bit, and villains exploit that by putting humans in danger, knowing it will put Superman at a disadvantage at give them an opening to pound on him. This movie decided instead to quickly make Zod his physical equal...when what it SHOULD have done was show that Superman was more powerful, but Zod was a better warrior and would use humans in peril to distract Superman. I was disappointed that Zod fully developed his powers and learned to control them, because there are better ways to defeat Superman.

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