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Default Re: Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

Originally Posted by Prison Mike View Post
My biggest surprise in the movie was Clark not knowing how to fly (or the fact that he could fly) until after getting the costume. I mean that was one of the major complaints about Smallville other than the no tights rule. Yet people don't seem to care as much as before.

Anyway, I saw the movie this afternoon and absolutely loved it. I noticed many similarities with Smallville.
Yeah, I loved the movie too, and I wonder if its because of the Smallville similarities. But he didn't fly in the Donner film either until he went to the Fortress for seven years and came out with the suit. That's why I never understood the whole opposition to the "Flights and Tights" rule. I also think they did a good job explaining why Clark couldn't fly on the show.

But the biggest thing to me was him meeting Lois before even becoming Superman.

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