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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Before the film if you'd asked me, should Superman kill, my answer would have been definitively no.

However I had no problem whatsoever with the fact that he actually killed Zod in the film, simply because of the way it was handled. Superman pleaded & pleaded with Zod when he was trying to kill those people & was struggling to contain him, then after he'd broke his neck he was clearly devastated that he had to kill someone.

It wasn't without problems though, I did have a problem that such a powerful scene in the film, was immediately followed by a humour sort of scene involving that drone destruction & then the Metropolis Clark showing himself.

Directly after that scene, there should have been another that involved Lois or his mother.. or even both comforting & reassuring him that Zod had left him with no choice. Basically what I'm saying is, I'd have liked a few scenes that were kinda dedicated to him 'getting over it.'

Don't forget in Superman II, Reeve's Superman in my opinion killed Zod in that film as well.. and if he didn't, then someone will need to explain to me where Zod went after he fell into that icy pit. Then there's Batman in Batman Begins who essentially killed Ra's.. neither of which I have a problem with either because of how they were both handled.

Presuming the film gets a sequel & I assume it will given audiences seem to have responded to it well & I feel it's gonna break $500m comfortably, I'd like to see more character development with perhaps Clark having trouble sleeping & getting flashbacks of him killing Zod.. I'd also like to see Lex as one of the villians in the next film & use the fact that Superman killed Zod as part of his motivation & hatred for him.

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