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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Rev View Post
Outside of Jonathan revealing to Clark about his space ship does Clark even know if there is another connection on earth to his home planet? Could he not have spent his time roaming across America doing some good with his abilities because that seems to be in his character despite the constant cautions to hide who he is. The fact that Clark questions his dad if he should have let his friends and classmates die and Jonathan was kind of "maybe?" shows that there is a struggle going on with both characters. One trying to protect his son at all costs and one knowing that letting people die when he could prevent that would be wrong. Now when he is older Clark has to make that same decision again and this time its more personal and despite wanting to help he listens to his father and he suffers the guilt for his inaction. Those two examples appear to indicate that there is a value for human life. Another is having to put down Zod or see humanity suffer at his hands. Given the situation and the threat presented, he made a choice. This was war plain and simple and he made the decision to stand on the side of humanity. We may not like it but sometimes that sort of thing must be done. I don't envy soldiers or police officers that have to make life and death decisions like that and for someone like Superman the consequences are even more grave.
Thank you. You basically said what I was trying to say, but your response was more eloquent.

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