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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
No I want it to happen as well, the whole "Good girl turns bad boy around" angle has been done a lot but you rarely see it in reverse, plus the whole Sharon thing is creepy IMO, "Hey I'm a defrosted 90 year old who dated your Mom, wanna see a movie"
So putting aside that is a largely inaccurate description of Steve and Sharon's relationship, and that you've even got the relationship between Sharon and Peggy wrong...

Why would you want that? Not Steve/Natasha, I can understand people wanting that.

Sure, the good girl redeems bad boy has been done, but so has the inverse, actually. And it's kind of sexist either way.

Natasha has already turned good quite some time before Iron Man 2, or as good as she's gonna get. Any gooder and she looses what makes her interesting.

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