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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Ah yes...the old "he was changed once, so he can be changed again" tactic.
Not a tactic or hyperbole or anything. Tis my serious opinion as a trait that can go either way. I forgo the flying as people will never want to change that. Though I think it silly.

But a no kill policy should be dependent on the story being told. Kal-El/Clark isn't Superman yet. He is just an alien who lives on Earth who did his best growing up and stopped an alien invasion. He will become Superman in the sequel if we are lucky enough to get one. Hopefully with all the mortals and convictions of the comic character.

I see no reason why he should have a no kill policy at this point in his career. He is raised American and we are violence incarnate. He is fighting a General who becomes a madman with the loss of his genetic purpose for life and basically chooses to commit suicide. The only way to contain Zod was destroyed... and with how fast Zod was growing in strength the probability of not being able to stop him for much longer.

They did not show Kal going through anything profound enough in his life to warrant a no kill policy. I hope that Zod's death is what makes him decide one way or the other what kind of a beacon he wishes to be for the people of Earth.

Though to say on a personal level.... I was shocked at his death even though I knew it was coming. It was well acted and well written in the context of this film. I've lost quite a bit of sleep over this scene so I think it worked well.

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