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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

"I wonder if a lot of people would have changed their stance on the killing aspect if the final fight had taken place on a rooftop or inside a busted up skyscraper where after Zod dies Supes reacts not just to what he did but to a visual of all the death and carnage in Metropolis. a sweeping over the shoulder shot of the destroyed city skyline. And maybe leave Lois out of it, leave him alone on his knees crying and taking it all in."

I actually agree on Pony Boy with this one. I think they went the Hollywood happy route which is understandable, but flawed. By focusing in on the two characters, the wreckage and destruction of Metropolis is an afterthought? But how do we know if he is hearing screams and ignoring them? That's pretty presumptuous. Also, just because the film doesn't SHOW him helping relief efforts, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Yes, I believe in "off-screen character development." Don't judge me.

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