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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Tanin View Post
I support the changes made to Blade. They (Goyer) improved on the character in every single aspect.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were changed for the better imo due to the cartoons and movies.
Superman was changed for the better.
Batman has changed for the better.

Using one horrific example to try and justify never changing anything is not helping your cause. Just because YOU think Superman should remain as he is now in the comics doesn't make it right anymore then me wanting him to stay like he was in the Golden Era. Stagnating the character will do nothing but kill him off.
I have said many times that character do change...but once you find thats sweet spot, there is no reason to completely alter it.

Was there a definitive Blade that was worth a damn before the movies???

Punisher was changed...given demon powers. But we all knew that this was not The was offensive to the character as he had been defined in his definitive take. Had there never been a definitive take, then no one would have cared when he got demon powers and maybe THAT would be the definitive Punisher.

Completely changing a character may keep him alive, but it makes him worthless. Should we bring back Flash Gordon as a cannibal serial killer? might make him cool again and keep him alive! I know, some might say "Flash Gordon doesn't eat people" but those people are stuck in the past, man! Serial killers are hot right now!

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