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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
You're right in that the movie gave us no reason to think he wouldn't kill. That is a shame, and not in keeping with the Superman from the past several decades.

Superman is more than just an American...he's THE American. Remember, he is not the Man of Today, he is the Man of Tomorrow. America claims to be about peace, yet we bomb people constantly...Superman really is about peace. Superman really is humble. He embodies all of the great things that we claim to be or wish we could be. He is not like that through trial and error. He is like that because of the Kents (though, clearly, we saw nothing like this in Man of Steel).

If we are going to encourage and support changes to characters...then please show me the support for the Deadpool character from Wolverine. Why did comic fans reject him??? After all...the merc with no mouth who teleports and has swords in his arms was just a new, bold take on the character. Why did people complain??? Why does it ever matter to have ANY consistency or faithfulness to the comics? Superman was RADICALLY changed in this new origin story. An entire generation of people will now view him incorrectly...and we are likely to see the comic character altered to fit this new viewpoint. The Superman that I want to read believes that no one has the right to decide who dies and he ESPECIALLY does not have that right, since he has the power to kill at will.
Donner's superman killed Zod and he didn't bat an eye also Lois Lane killed Ursa.
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