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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
They didn't "date" at all. Working together, sharing a brief kiss during the final mission, and *promising* a date that never comes to pass is not "dating." The full extent of Steve's "relationship" with Peggy is What Might Have Been. That's it.

And *everything* changes based on Cap's extraordinarily unique sci-fi situation. 70 years and 2-3 generations passed him by in an instant, and he's essentially traveled through time to the future. Whatever feelings he still has for Peggy are meaningless and moot, since she's already been dead and gone to him for *70 years.*
That's simply not true. Not at all. You're ignoring an obvious fact just to make your argument, which you don't need to do.

Outside of Pepper/Tony, they were the more involved than any other pairing in the MCU. It's not like the puppy love/crush of Jane/Thor. They were on the road to a long relationship. That road just got cut short. By the time TFA ended, they were already in love with one another.

And you state that 70 years passed by him in an instant--which is true--but then you say the relationship is moot because it's 70 years old. Not to him it isn't. He just woke up from a flash forward to the future. For him, it's instantaneous.

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