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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by THANOSRULES View Post
SO..and if he turns his head away what happens next? Zod isnt defeated or anything...he's still a threat. There was no damn choice. Kill Zod or be killed and everyone else gets killed.

With no way to contain Zod you stop him any way you can..whenever you get an opportunity. It was not a choice at that point after Zod demonstrated who he was. Clark gave him the choice for much of the early movie.
Then why didn't he kill Zod before, when he was not trying to kill a family but thousands of lives while tearing Metropolis's buildings down?

But that's not the card this movie played. It was supposed to be an "extreme" situation. But it wasn't actually more extreme than it had been before.

Originally Posted by THANOSRULES View Post
Clark had an opportunity and he took it. It's nothing a Police officer wouldnt have done.
Except a police officer doesn't have the exact morals Superman does. Superman could have prevented thousands of death if he had killed Zod before. How was that family's lives more urgent than thousands of people's?

Originally Posted by THANOSRULES View Post
Clark didnt murder zod. He stopped him. (and this killed Zod by matter of how he was stopped)
I haven't said "murder" myself.

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