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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
I think it was a perfect moment.

Kal didn't want to kill this man. Probably his last link to his world. But at the same time he couldn't let another human die through inaction on his part. He chose humaity over his own world. There was no other way around it, and really I think Zod wanted to die. He had no purpose and needed an end to it.

And I got the feeling there was meant to be a mirror to Pa Kent's death tho I can't quite iron it out. This is kinda what I've got.

Kal trusted Pa Kent and allowed him to die, because Pa didn't think the world was ready. Zod's beam was about to kill another father and the entire family if he didn't use his powers so he put his trust in humanity that it would understand why he did what he did.

And I don't think the next film will be a depressed angsty Superman. After he shoots down that drone and while speaking to the general you can tell he seems more chipper and more like the Superman we are used to.
I liked the thematic resonance of Superman reluctantly killing his Kryptonian side. But the consequence of him breaking his "one rule" (which is never explicitly developed in the movie) or the personal effects it has on his own mind are glossed over.

Thematically it makes sense. But it was both underdeveloped before and after the event, making it feel like a cheap one-off moment.

That is my problem with the scene.

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