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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by darkslayer101 View Post
yes but the movie doesn't come out until Nov, which is like 4 and half months away. IM3 only had two trailers with one coming out late October and the final one in March. Unless they plan to release more than 2 trailers, July 5th seems pretty early
You're right, I think it's safe to say his film is gonna have atleast 3 trailers since the 2nd comes out so early. I think Marvel wants Thor:TDW to be as big as possible and to keepthe hype going they're gonna promote this even harder than IM3.

Plus it's their first fall film so that's another reason they might be marketing this so hard. It could even be because the sheer scale of this film can handle 3 trailers without spoiling much like MOS.

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