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Default They should have let Snyder be Snyder...or they should have just hired Michael Bay...

Now we didn't get half the coolness that makes Snyder Snyder. What made some of his previous films dope, or the coolest parts of his previous films were his slo mo moments as well as action style where you could actually see the action at all times. In place of his ultra sleek style, he gave us a generic shaky cam thing as well as close up Nolan style fights that at fast speeds are horrible to tell the story of a fight. This is where aspects of the bag CGI agent smith vs neo fight in Matrix 3 are superior to the Zod vs Kal fight in MOS.

Why hire John Woo for an action movie and complain when he has doves and bullet time? stupidity and annoyance. I feel Snyder was another Michael Bay action director in MOS, but because he is a BRILLIANT cinematographic director MOS looked way more beautiful than any Bay film could dream of, but sadly, i didn't go to watch Dark of the moon with good cinematography and great actors. I went to watch ZACK SNYDER's Superman, but feel like I didn't quite get that. The fights were solid overall and entertaining, but I'm just imagining how much more they would have been with Snyder being allowed to be Snyder. remember how he shot the fight in Watchmen as the end and at the beginning? remember the 300 fights? remember the Sucker punch fight? no matter your hate for the film? remember the Legend of the Guardians fights with friggin OWLS?????!!!!! Some of the coolest fights in all these movies to ever hit the big screen IMO...Man of Steel felt very videogamish with the excessive need to use CGI instead of be creative with green screen and well trained actors. 90% of what was done with CGI could have been done with practical effects and felt REAL. smh...anyway.

I missed "SNYDER" in MOS...ijs

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