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Default Re: The MOS 2 release date thread

Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
No, WB will have this ready for summer 2015. Goyer has been working on the script since late February this year, and his involvement was publicized only a week prior to MOS coming out (a smart publicity move). Marvel didn't do that for Iron Man 2, they set the release date before getting the writer in. They're not rushing the script, which is key.

I don't think WB will accelerate production of the sequel any faster, although Fox did whip out X-Men: First Class within a year once they got the Thor writers.

Even though it's a slim chance of it happening, I would love to see MOS2 be a late March or early April 2015 release. Just to keep things interesting and beat The Avengers 2 to the punch.
It would be over shadowed in 2015 as well, I mean you have A2 and Star Wars coming out that summer. Assuming they keep a june date in between those 2 films it would end up like TASM between The avengers and TDKR. Regardless of how well MOS does those films will be getting all the biggest attention.

2016 would be pretty much be its year for itself. I also don't see WB wanting a fall release or Spring relase as you suggested.

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