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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Batman is self-sacrificing, noble, and moral. He's a good guy.
He's an extremely damaged person, it's there in virtually every post-Miller book you care to read. You are looking at the idea of the broken soul and the ultimate good guy in black and white terms. Captain America is not like Batman, he is completely pure like Superman, which makes him a stark contrast to Widow, where as Batman and Catwoman are closer together in terms of a grey area. However we are talking about one vaguely similar instance, on a whole the dynamic is always reversed which is why I think Steve and Natasha would be an interesting relationship but I'm not overly bothered if there is no relationship with him and any female in the film.

I'd be far more likely to be willing to engage you further if you didn't keep referring to Peggy as Sharon's grandmother. You aren't actually well-informed about the source and material, and seem to judge it based purely on a couple of details rather than the thing in itself.

If more people thought like you, CATFA wouldn't have been made because it's a story where the hero is a blond-haired super-human in WWII.

So sure, stick to your guns.
Trying to act all high and mighty with me wont work, I've seen more superior minded people throw source material in other fans faces and I've seen them come and go from this place. I have no problem admitting I was wrong in my first instance, then another Steve/Sharon shipper told me she was her gran, so clearly they were defending something they didn't have the exactitude of either. However no matter how you slice it Peggy and Sharon are related and that makes any relationship with the frozen Steve creepy IMO.

This second sentence makes no sense just like your attempt to throw sexism into an earlier post. Here I gather you are trying to equate Cap in TFA with the classic Aryan blueprint, there is no comparison to someone thinking that which would be a falsehood, to the FACT that Sharon is related to Peggy and Steve then dating her being creepy.

You stick you yours as well since most of your shots have missed anyway with these far stretching attempts to correlate things that have no connection. It's pretty clear you want the comic accurate relationship which is fine, but making snide attempts to push my buttons because I have a differing viewpoint is worthless.

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