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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
Well, first of all, we don't exactly know what Peggy and Sharon's relationship to each other will be, as EVC hasn't been confirmed to be Sharon even, just Agent 13. It's highly likely that she will be Sharon, sure, but it's not confirmed yet. I think a lot of the diagreements here are based on the ever evolving Sharon/Peggy family relationship in the comics. It's changed a ton over the years, to make it work with the historical timeline of the Cap comic books, and, I guess it also works to make the creepy overtones less creepy.
I really hope they go romance free with this film. The memory of Peggy is too strong with both Cap AND the audience, to see him jump into something with someone else so quickly. Also, Cap has been shown to be awkward and reticent with women--where's the fun in watching him pick up someone without having to WORK for it?

I just saw Man of Steel and what a frickin' letdown. Talk about a half baked romance!

I know I'm a broken record on this, but man I wish Hayley Atwell was coming back as Sharon. She could be made to look substantially different with modern hair and dress, and she's a good enough actress to affect an American accent and make Sharon an entirely different character

I wouldn't necessarily be surprised to see Agent 13 and Steve's relationship really develop more in the third movie. They may bond here, maybe kiss. At least that's what I hope happens in TWS if Marvel Studios insist on keeping the Sharon/Steve romance in the movies.
Well, to my utter dismay, I fear they are pushing a Cap/BW romance. Please, NO!

I really kind of wish that they didn't even have a romance in this movie. Avengers didn't need it, and that movie kicked major ass with the female audience. Honestly, you want to get women to this movie? All we want is a little male eye candy, a good story, good character development and to watch the female actresses kick a lot of butt.

Plus, Steve's got a lot on his plate with Bucky. For me, that should be the epic "(b)romance" at the heart of the movie.
Agreed. Bucky is Cap's emotional involvement in this film, not a forced, cliched romance. A love interest for Cap is not needed if the character and story are involving enough.

ETA: I do agree with the others that what Steve and Peggy had in TFA was way, way more than a mere "crush". Circumstances seemed to work more to keep them from moving further than they did, also Steve's awkwardness with women contributed, but outside of Tony/Pep, Steve/Peggy had probably the deepest connection between any Marvel couples.

(Well... not counting Bruce/Betty I guess)
Agreed, as well. That CATFA script has Joss Whedon written all over it. Steve loved Peggy, and she loved him back. But they both felt that what their work made a romance at that time, impossible. For my money, Cap/Peggy is the most poignant, well written romance in the Marvel movie universe. Their on screen chemistry is out of this world. They are equals, comrades and would-be-lovers. Hot, Hot, Hot.

Hayley was a huge reason why that movie worked, and I hope they figure out a way to use her again, that makes sense within the context of the story.

P.S. Man of Steel--I could write a screed. Thin, joyless, heartless and dull. Wait for the RedBox.

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