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Default Re: Where Does Clark's Character Development Go in the Sequel??

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Warning: big Man of Steel spoilers below.



Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

- I think Clark killing Zod should haunt him and affect his decisions in the future. He was clearly angry and hurt that he felt forced to kill Zod.

- I think Clark's new "trust" and "faith" in humanity should be tested as Luthor and others try to bring him down. It is Lois who keeps him trusting in humanity.

Other thoughts?
This is what I'm thinking, too. The biggest thing will be how Clark and the world react to Superman's coming out party, as it were. I think Clark struggles with what it means to be a symbol, and humanity deals with feeling inadequate, trusting him etc. Clark will have to deal with living two lives and generally re-entering regular society.

It’s the greatest gift we have - to bear their pain without breaking. And it’s born from the most human power: hope.
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