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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post
1) Did they say they dont ever want to use Kryponite? I remember reading they didnt want to use it in the first movie. I hope they do use it eventually if at least for one movie

2) There response for Superman being here to stay is that some, like Lex, dont trust him. So Lex tries to build something to combat him or stop him in case he goes like Metallo or something of that sort
I'm saying MOS sets up a human answer to Superman. Kryptonite is an alien solution.

Everyone keeps saying Lex cause Lex wouldn't stay on the sidelines for long once Superman shows up.

Metallo isn't really a response to Superman. His motivations are just his own. He'll fight him if he gets in his way.

None of Superman's other villains really represent a human response. Morgan Edge/Intergang would be a great way to showcase how crime escalates but I'm not sure that's enough to sustain a whole movie and up the visuals from MOS.

Originally Posted by Matt Mortem View Post
I really love the festering boil of hate this thread is. I'll never understand obsessively talking about how bad a film no one has seen yet is going to be, or people who obsessively talk about how they aren't gonna see the film.... Is it worth getting worked up into a nice frothy rage? Not a chance. Not a chance in hell.
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