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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 3

I will start off by saying Russell Crowe was the best thing about this movie. However, it suffers from excess .....

- Excessively bad dialogue
- Excessively abused themes being reiterated ad nauseum
- Excessive fight/destruction sequences
- Excessive non-linear story jumping (a technique I normally like)

I re-watched The Watchmen yesterday (since it's a fav of mine) just to get myself ready for Zack Snyder's way of telling a story, but man David Goyer need really let him down with the material. There had been mention that the screenplay was rushed and that certainly appears to be the case.

How many times did we have to hear Costner, Cavil, and Shannon keep reiterating the movie's themes and their own individual purpose? Good God. Literally there should be a drinking game played while watching this film and you have to take a shot everytime you hear about the world not being ready for Clark or Zod's sole purpose to protect Krypton and it's people. The largest bad dialogue offender was no doubt Faora and all that nonsense about evolution and death. Listening to her speak brought me back to days of Arnold in Conan. "He's not our enemy" ..... "I can do things other can't" ..... or when the colonel dropped the "effin'" at the end of the movie, I just kept laughing at so much of it.

Amy Adams was a real let down in this btw. She was as stiff as a board. What's really funny to me is that many scenes made it appear as if she appeared out of nowhere .... practically moving faster than Supes and the soldiers from Krytpon. In fact, that was an issue with many areas of the film. Things randomly happening just to happen. I really cringed when they borrowed a page from Transformers: DOTM with Zod broadcasting to the human race .... and then how they felt compelled to show it being done in every language. Afterwards, everyone sort've just went back about their business. You would expect so much more pandamonium breaking out. Of course they had a couple characters deliver lines to state there was fear instead of showing it.

I think the foundation was there with the idea that the world might not be ready for Clark and how they'd potentially feel threatened by him. But again, David Goyer is NOT the guy to express this correctly. Snyder's cinematography is as beautiful as ever so I have to give credit there. You can kind of see the Nolan influences on the shots, the very wide open feeling.

In the end, I can't say enough about how let down I was. I liked Crowe and the relationship moments between Clark and Pa Kent ...... Krypton was also really fun to look at, but that was it.

I give it a "6" .... and it's clinging to it for dear life.

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