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Default Re: They should have let Snyder be Snyder...or they should have just hired Michael Ba

"Micheal bay would have hired bad actors to play the parts and would have had the military do most of the work. He would have most likely hired Megan fox as Lois lane and had her seducing men for stories.

Zack Snyder hired a 4 time Oscar nominee to play Lois and filled the rest of the cast with very experienced actors. Zack respected the source material and even had superman break down after killing Zod."

I feel like Zack respected the source material more than Goyer did. Look at the robots from krypton, and the new suit, and the heat vision and say that it doesn't feel comic-bookish.

Visually speaking, it was almost perfect, except for the color pallet, which in hindsight suited the tone of the movie. If the studios force ONE change for the sequel, I'd want natural colors.

Bay wouldn't have any respect for the source material. People would make dumb jokes while all this chaos happens. And Lois would be all sweaty and probably played by Fox. WHO started this thread?

Bay would be a fit for MOS like..Nolan would be for Transformers :P

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