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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by ironman_rick View Post
Although I liked MOS a lot (the best superman movie....and I liked it better than TDKR too), I can't see it grossing $400 million.

Initially when I 1st saw it, I thought it will gross at least $350 DOM.....but hearing the boxoffice numbers coming in, I will have it at $310M to $320.

MU will have no problem getting to $300M....but it won't gross Toy Story 3 numbers.

CF will no doubt have higher international numbers...but I also can't see it grossing past $400M Domestic again. It will be the same with avengers 2. It will gross over a billion international...but might not get past $640M domestic.

Anyway CF will have major competition from the great thor, hobbits 2, jack ryan, anchorman 2 opening around the same time (give or take a month).

BTW IM3 is at 1,199,800 now. After this weekend, it should have finally hit $400M Domestic and over $805M International (5 highest international - taking over skyfall)
I have not seen MoS and doubt I will, but my brother went yesterday and said it was good, but not great, felt the story telling was not very good, alot of plot holes, said it was not as good as IM3 but not by much, he liked IM3 minus the Mandarin issues.
I value his imput as he loves both Marvel and DC.

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