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Default Re: The Lex Luthor Thread

From what Goyer and Snyder have said in interviews, they seem to "get" Lex Luthor in the way that we've all so desperately wanted to see him portrayed for so long. Someone highly intelligent, charismatic and yet cold and calculating, driven by ambition and acting in a way that he believes to be "right," despite how depraved it actually might be.

There are a lot of actors that I think could give us the ideal Lex. Ideally, since LexCorp has already been established, Lex should probably be an actor no younger than his late 30s, though I suppose he could be one of those Zuckerberg types who made a fortune at a very young age.

I'm almost 100% sure it will be someone that NONE of us have even thought about, but here are some names for the hell of it:

Michael C. Hall
Damian Lewis
Greg Kinnear
Liam Cunningham
Luke Evans
Joel Edgerton

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