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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread:

Originally Posted by JP View Post
I've seen posters, tv spots, commercials for multiple tie ins, and trailers during Star Trek and IM3.

And, as usually, the commercials will ramp up to an annoyingly ungody amount when we're closer to release.
As have I. I even searched "the wolverine" on Twitter this weekend after a friend of mine commented on FB after seeing Man of Steel that it was the next superhero movie she wanted to see. Lots of people know a) there's a new Wolverine movie coming out, b) "ZOMG, it looks AWESOME!!", and c) they're seeing it.

I've seen new Wolverine toys in stores. I had dinner at Red Robin this weekend and they had posters and staff wearing Wolverine t-shirts. We got the soundtrack listing this weekend, so that's coming too.

Hugh is filming DOFP right now, so obviously he's not running around to all of the talk shows, which wouldn't make sense now anyway since the movie isn't out for another month.

We're still over a month out, folks.

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