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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Superman DOES always make the perfect decision...except that sometimes I think he is completely wrong.

Other superheroes mock Superman for being naive and too much of a goody goody boy scout, unable to make the hard choices. Wonder Woman darn near disrespects him and thinks his decisions are stupid.

Superman is not like other heroes. His role in DC is as the Jesus-like moral center. Yes, he uses his powers...but to defend people/stop the threat. He never sees himself as a soldier.

The name Man of Tomorrow came because he is the ideal that we all strive to be. He sees things in a way that we can't yet. Sometimes, the way he sees things is impractical and makes the world more dangerous...but that is how he sees things. His perfection is not necessarily "perfect" since he is the only Man of Tomorrow and the rest of us are living in Today.

You're correct that the 50's may be creeping back into the mythos...that Superman might torture a woman to get a confession. This very clearly makes him a Man of Today, not a Man of Tomorrow. I do not welcome the return of the Superman who embodies all of our frailties and flaws. I prefer the idea of being inspired by greatness.

If I wanted the superhero you describe...I could read any other superhero book that is published.

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