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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by FreeRadical View Post
Superman killed a depowered Zod in Superman II (Lester cut) crushing Zod's hand and seemingly enjoying it. Lois also punched Usra, also depowered off, the edge in the Fortress.


- Superman giving up his powers against his father's (Jor-el) wishes just to be with Lois.

- Clark humiliates the guy at the diner at the end of Superman II.

- Clark puts a custard pie in some poor guys face during the credits of Superman III.

- Clark humiliates Brad (Lana's boyfriend) at the end of Superman III.

- In the Quest for Peace, Supes just messes around Lois and Stacey during the double date.

- Superman throws Nuclear Man into a powerstation in Quest for Peace.

- Superman leaving Earth for 5 years (Superman Returns) on a whim that Krypton is still there, leaving Earth unprotected.

- The memory kiss at the end of Superman II, leading to Lois in Superman Returns just noticing after 5 years that her kid is Superman's son.

What those examples show is that Superman was brought up on Earth, still has human frailities. He can get jealous like we do, get angry, feel rage etc.
Those examples are just the past films, and that doesn't scratch the surface of 75 years of Superman doing questionable acts.
Yes...many, many times comic book characters have been poorly written and poorly adapted. I don't care if it has happened 1,000 does not excuse the 1,001st. I was opposed to Deadpool becoming the teleporting, optic blast shooting merc with no mouth, and I was opposed to Dr Doom being an effeminate businessman with no mask, and I'm opposed to this take on Superman. I'm consistent that way.

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