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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by redfirebird2008 View Post
Man of Steel is proof of how great BB's origin really is. They tried to ripoff the flashback thing and it just didn't flow anywhere near as well in MOS as it did in BB. Great editing choices by Lee Smith and Nolan.
That aspect could've been just as great if it seeped organically out of the story, and not Goyer unimaginatively trying to ape Begins. The added thread of Krypton also muddled the timeline way too much for it to work like BB.

Alan Moore on comics:

They've lost a lot of their original innocence, and they can't get that back. And, they're stuck, it seems, in this kind of depressive ghetto of grimness and psychosis. I'm not too proud of being the author of that regrettable trend.
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