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Default Re: The Lex Luthor Thread

First time posting, so bear with me...

Agree with a lot of what's already been said, here's my two cents:

A) Luthor is POWERFUL. Not just money, or socially...but let's go into the political realm. I say either he's the odds on favorite to run for President, or even has become President. He's still mega rich (even making billions off real estate/buildings lost in the destruction of Metropolis BUT he reinvests in the city. New buildings, jobs, etc. He helps Metropolis 'heal' while gaining footing as a prominent political figure in the process. He is revered, but has dark motives.

B) The public will be torn on Superman. Loss of life and catastrophic damage will be addressed here. Half the public views him as a threat and blames him for the outcome, while some regard him as a deity of sorts. Lex uses this to his advantage. Perhaps we see a movement where he assumes power and creates a new vigilance program. Now that we know.we aren't alone, our 'War on Terror' makes us take watch to the sky. Public backlash ensues even greater on Superman.

C) Lex will come in possession of Superman's blood. The vial/extraction that was taken from him will have miraculously avoided the Phantom Zone (perhaps fell to the Earth, sucked out of the hole/room Superman escapes from, etc). Lex gets this in his possession. It's his key to becoming god-like. Superman is basically everything that Lex can't acquire via money, social power, etc. He envies Superman and his abilities. For Lex, the ultimate power is something only written in books or myths...and Superman is those embodied. How he uses that though..well, that's some more creative thinking/writing to be done later on.

How the story plays from there..I'm not sure. I think these are key elements to Luthor's character and motivation, and serve as important plot development points as well. What do you guys think?

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