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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
But he really isn't, though. He chose at the end of TDKR to pass the mantle, but truth is, Bruce could have still continued as Batman. He was in the best shape he's been in for a while, he has the leg brace that, imo, he still had on when he returned to Gotham from the Pit and he defeated his most physical challenge yet.

Now, that being said, we definitely need to see the more "Batgod" Batman of the comics in dealing with aliens and being within a group such as the Justice League and Nolan's Batman was never that. A "Batgod" Batman would need to be one step ahead of his villains. A "Batgod" Batman would need to be able to develop a cure himself for Scarecrow's poison. A "Batgod" Batman would be doing research on a mysterious Joker character even when he doesn't have much evidence WHILE he's dealing with the mob. A "Batgod" Batman would do a background search of any of his employees to find out he or she is a member of a terrorist organization. And a "Batgod" Batman would deal with things himself and wouldn't need the help that he received from Lucius and Alfred so many times in Nolan's trilogy. Nolan wanted to present a hero that in a sense where it "takes a village" to build, but we should get a Batman that can handle things himself even if they bring in characters like Robin or Batgirl.
i agree anno that he beat his most dangerous enemy, but remember the hospital scene where he is told he has a series of concusive damage to his brain, scar tissue on his kidneys, and damage to his shoulders. not forgetting the leg. i mean he could do it but it would be EXTREMELY brief in my opinion. and yeah i love the idea of the " batgod" that is 100% the right direction to go moving forward.

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