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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by bilbo baggins View Post
i agree anno that he beat his most dangerous enemy, but remember the hospital scene where he is told he has a series of concusive damage to his brain, scar tissue on his kidneys, and damage to his shoulders. not forgetting the leg. i mean he could do it but it would be EXTREMELY brief in my opinion. and yeah i love the idea of the " batgod" that is 100% the right direction to go moving forward.
None of those damages done to Bruce's body and etc made such a difference though in TDKRises. They were just things done to Bruce over that year, as we even saw a hint of while he was changing in the beginning of TDK(at least the bruises and scars...and then we saw him shot in the kidney area at the end of the film). I'm sure Bruce would have continued on if he really thought he needed to. Bruce did not care for himself until the very end of the trilogy.

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
He could have but mentally he has chosen a better path. He's moved on.
Agreed. Either while inside the Pit, or once he climbed out, he decided for more in his life, but if it wasn't for that, he could have continued on as Batman.

I agree about the bat-god. There's no reason for Lucius (or to show him) in the reboot. I think all those super intelligent things that make Batman who he is in the comics, weren't there in TDKT to that extent because it was just a more human story or "realistic". He wasn't the Sherlock Holmes type.

But we need the Bat-God in the new Justice League/World's Finest/Solo movies most definitely. Not only physically (along with more youth to him) but mentally too.

Bale's Bruce was smart but no genius. Lucius kind of was. Bale's Bruce was a good martial artist and could pack one hell of a punch but he wasn't the greatest ninja you can think of. Bale's Batman would get destroyed by Bruce Lee or be taken out in the first round of a Mortal Kombat tournament .

Again, within the context of the trilogy, and how that universe was set up? It was perfect. It fit like a glove. But it's not possible in this JLA universe, especially since ive seen Man Of Steel and I can see that the level of CG destruction/fights wouldn't fit in the Nolan-verse (more in a Arkham-verse) and the power that Superman, Faora and Zod have calls for the Arkham-Batman all the way.
The way Nolan's Batman was and the way Green Arrow is in Arrow, it fits their idea of having this somewhat relatable superhero in this somewhat relatable and realistic world, but there needs to be a "Batgod" kind of Batman in a cinematic universe of other superheroes because of who the other heroes are. Both Batman and Green Arrow would have to be more than what we see in TDKTrilogy and in Arrow.

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