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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Lex pulling a "No Man's Land" with Metropolis instead of Gotham in the wake of the Kryptonian invasion and whatever ELSE shows up in Metropolis to smash and/or blast its way toward Superman would be a nice set-up for getting him into the Oval Office by the time we get to "Justice League", IMO.

But I still believe, for the sake of giving other guys in Supes' Rogues' Gallery a chance to shine for once, that he should be kept in the background until then (appearing in newscasts, public functions, etc.) and given a slow build-up over the next two MOS films. I'd like to see him approached as Palpatine was in the SW prequels: barely seen at first (at least up close), but gradually becomes more and more of a presence as he gains more power until the time comes for the **** to hit the fan.

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