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Default Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Steyin View Post
I honestly don't expect TA to have that much of an effect on Cap, considering his film will be the furthest from it in terms of time of release. The hype of TA could very well wear off considerably by the time the film is out, as opposed to the rush everyone was still on when IM3 came out. Thor will benefit from it I'm sure, but not to a high extent.

Of course I could be completely wrong. TFA was my favorite of the solo Marvel films after IM1, so I hope the sequel does well. But let's face it, Cap is the weakest draw of the three solo series.
The Avengers 2 comes out a year later though.....
And not exactly some polls show the highest anticipation for Cap 2, but that's only a small sample.

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