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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by Axl Van Sixx View Post
Even though I strongly feel that Luthor and Brainiac should be the villains in a MOS sequel, I heard somebody toss out a casting idea the other day that strikes me as nothing short of brilliant.

Four words: Joaquin Phoenix IS Bizarro.
Bizarro doesn't work in Synder and Nolan's universe its too campy like manbat or clay face would be in Nolan's batman universe.

The villians should be Lex, then a minor villian like Metallo or Intergang then a biggie like Doomsday.

I don't want to see Brainiac 1 on 1 in a Superman film because it would leave no room for Doomsday. Brainiac should be done in a JLA film where he causes computer problems and natural disasters all over the globe for the League to handle.

A MOS sequel should be Lex, Metallo Doomsday vs Supes or Lex's manipulation of Intergang, Metallo and Bruce Wayne vs Superman. Yes, Batman vs Superman would be off the charts. The tone has already been set, only a handful of people trust Superman because he's an alien.

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