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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

I think both movies have their problems. Ang lee couldn't mix his vision and the studios demands well. Superhero movies and specially Marvel's are very structured and as a director you are going to be restricted. The plot with Banner's father was interesting but never took off. By the end of the movie - which had time enough to develop its themes - I still didn't know what David Banner wanted exactly. You know more or less, but it seems that not every dot was connected.

TIH was the opposite, speed up, action packed. But it feels like a sequel - that intro synopsis of the origin didn't do the trick - way too rushed and with a collection of horrible Hulk jokes, some of them involving Dr. Banner's sex life. No time to stay enough with every character.

Even so I prefer Ang Lee's as a movie. At e;last could take the Hulk concept seriously and it had some great action sequences.

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