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Default Re: What love interests will Bruce Wayne/Batman have in the reboot?

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I've always wanted to see Selina as an ongoing love interest, evolving into Catwoman.

THIS. I was just about to post the exact same thing. I've always wanted to see this.

Bruce and Selina are dating but it's not something that either are taking very seriously. Selina is too focused on her animal activism, Bruce of course being too distracted by his activities as Batman. Bruce is very intrigued by Selina, Selina thinks Bruce is a really nice guy, but they both have their walls up and won't let each other in.

Come to find out Selina is doing a private investigation into the mob and gets attacked and kidnapped or something. Batman comes to her rescue, she's intrigued by him, and it inspires her to become Catwoman. One of the very last scenes of the movie could her holding up a clawed glove or something.

Doesn't have to be exactly that or even anything like it, I was just shooting out a possible way to do it. But seeing a Selina Kyle side-arc that progresses into her becoming Catwoman, all the while having this connection to Bruce would be amazing.

Plus it would be a way to leave it open for other love interests to come in without having a yes or no answer about if Bruce and Selina will end up together so it has that Shakespearean tragic love story that they have in the comics. That being if this is an on-going series and not another trilogy, which I hope it is. I'm getting tired of the trilogy thing. Too many people are doing it.

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