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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Eros View Post
no problem, Cause that family was the entire planet?
It starts there yes.
But if you need me to walk you through it, sure.

Superman's head lock is the first and perhaps only time he will conceivably get the trained warrior in that compromising a position as far as he understands in that moment. When this position is lost, not only do I not see it happening again(see faora and her on the job learning curve), but superman is very likely to end up in something himself, especially if he starts diverting his attention to saving people(but don't worry he don't care about that suff). These guys haven't shown that they can get tired the way we do so this fight is going to rage, possible for a few days, at which point it won't only be that family dead.

Assuming the earth isn't scorched, and Zod wins, well.... But let's be optimistic here(this is a superman story after all). So superman, knocks him out(if that's possible). What's he going to then? Sit on him and wait for him to wake up so he can do it again, and again, till they somehow design and build a cage strong enough to hold an alien they can't begin to know the power levels or for or limitations of? Superman just volunteers to hold him for the rest of their immortal lives somehow, never faltering once?
You see this is where in the comics they toss him into a red solar box or a kryptonite room...and superman is handed his back door.

How much more damage will be done the minute superman gives up his position to move zod away from the family. The man said it himself, this will only end when one of them is dead(A classic silly goyer line that actually serves a narrative purpose). Effectively suggesting that this is a self defense situation for superman cause zod can't be detained till he's dead.

I'm curious, in the realm and scope of this film's universe and human tech, what are superman's options at this point? This obviously isn't a case of batman tossing joker in jail to later break free and kill again, but I'm sure you know that.

I guess he could try talking him out of it...

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