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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

What didn't work was Superman going after Lois, the kid's future didn't matter. To Superman it didn't matter to him that the kid would be growing up without his father and mother together. Superman didn't care about the well being of the child, his relationship in wanting Lois was more important than the kids well being and having the kid grow up with his mother and father living together at home. (all of this is before Superman knew kids was his).

Superman flew to their house spying on them, thank god nobody was going to the bathroom or was naked.

He left Earth looking for life on remains of an exploded planet, really, it exploded! How the hell was supposed to find life on the remains of an exploded planet, it exploded!

His ship didn't have shields to protect him from the Kryptonite (from the deleted Return to Krypton sequence), with him collapsing on the floor as his ship neared the debris of the planet. Superman isn't very smart!

He didn't say good bye to Lois because if he did he couldn't leave? What a coward! When she told him how she felt and how he was wrong for leaving her, he gave her a silly grins that she was wrong not seeing it his way! He thought he did nothing wrong, when clearly he did! I know he apologized later on, but earlier he just came across as a dick!

With him moping around that he is alone and actually believing the world doesn't need him, and he can never be one of them and the human world is filled with monstrous deceits, (dialogue used from Brando to put that negative spin on Superman's view of us), where was that hope aspect that is expected and that is what and who Superman is all about, he's not supposed to go all cynical on us, he's supposed to see what's good about us and never give up on us even if we do!

This wasn't a Superman movie it was a Lex and Lois movie, Superman wasn't even the center of his own movie. It was a film were Lois had to decide which guy she wanted, and Lex's and Lois getting most of the lines! Superman barely said anything in the film.

At the end of the film Superman had no pulse after the doctors failed attempts to revive him, then we see him sleeping in the hospital room, how did he come back alive?

Kate Bosworth was to young for the part, it was like a young person trying to act like an older person. Brandon Routh did an impersonation of Christopher Reeve instead of playing his own version of the character. Kevin Spacey seemed disingenuous, it didn't look like he actually was playing a character but walking through the scenes with his disingenuous smile.

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