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Default Re: Zack Snyder's Man of Steel Pt.2

cant wait for sequel and the main complaint about pacing in mos i think wont be an issue in sequel we have to remember mos covered alot of material

Krypton and it's mythos
jor el and lara
zod and his army
clark's self discovery journey with his odd jobs
smallville flashbacks of clark's childhood
the military
ma and pa kent
and more

this sequel wont have to worry about krypton,smallville,clark's origin.jor el,ma and pa kent and his upbringing since we have gone through that already and have already established clark,lois ,lombad,jenny and perry white

time to build on the daily planet group of perry,lois,lombard,jenny,and now clark

aswell as build on lois/clark relationship and possible inclusion of luthor

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