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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by doobie View Post
My problem with SR is that to me it has 3 clashing feels. Magical and romantic like the 1930s cartoon, (ie, the parts in the daily planet, the art deco look, mythical/bible-story-like scenes with Superman stopping the plane and island). gritty and realistic like Nolan (having a thug willing to kill lois with a rock, the relationship plot, general darkness of atmosphere, war on tv) and camp and Dean Cain tv show like, such as Luthor with his moll cheating old ladies etc. Sticking with one of those visions would have made a good film, but they didn't mix well.
This is, in a nutshell, the main problem I have with it. All these tones try to blend together but they end up feeling cold and alienating. Yes, cold. This is MUCH colder film than MOS is accused of being. Everything feels distant, robotic even. Singer tries so hard to recapture the Donner magic is just feels like a copy of a copy without the actual IT that the Donner films had. There are still moments of the film I greatly enjoy, mainly the action which is well shot and classic Superman stuff, and the overall look of the film is glorious, but everything underneath is just wrong. Spacey is the only thing that gives the film any sort of life or pizzazz when action is not happening.

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