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Default Re: Zack Snyder's Man of Steel Pt.2

Was talking about this last night with my fiancé, what if one of the main thrusts of film #2 is Clark struggling with maintaining this new identity in Metropolis on top of his superhero status, and in the end failing? What if, for whatever reason, Clark's identity is outed by the end of the film? Film #1 shows us that this movie world is much like our own, a smaller, more connected world than that of the mid-twentieth century. That's going to make it that much harder to pull off "and who, disguised as Clark Kent." Also, much like the Dark Knight Trilogy, they've demonstrated that, in these films, not everything is sacred, and not everything lasts forever (like it does in comics). They've already re-worked the Lois & Superman relationship. I think we'll be seeing as radical of an approach to the Metropolis Clark identity.

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