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Default Re: How/When should the new Batman be introduced? In reboot, WF, or JL?

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
3 years after Nolan?

That might be the record for fastest reboot.

I dunno, sounds like a rush job since they wouldn't have much time for pre-production.
I'm sure Warner Brothers have been salivating over the idea of a reboot ever since Nolan made it known that his series will end with TDKRises. And trying to create a cinematic universe no less. I wouldn't doubt a Batman reboot at all or anytime soon.

I just hope it's not an origin. We saw a great origin, imo, so let's just get a Batman that's already Batman and start from there. I wouldn't mind a Arkham Asylum-inspired reboot either. A Batman that's already there with villains that are already there and the viewer is just enjoying the ride. Perhaps a combination of AA and AC where Dr. Strange is the main villain while taking out Joker's involvement, the League of Assassins, etc.

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