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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by MarvelStudios77 View Post
Sadly we may never see Spiderman fight along side the Avengers, They had a chance to put Oscorp building in the New York Skyline during the Avengers and did not do so.

Sony is going to try to Milk Spiderman for all they can and then when it is all used up like the Raimi Movies, they will reboot him again just like Warner Brothers is doing to Superman.

You would think with the amount of money Marvel Studios is making on each film, Worldwide Boxoffice for IM3 is now north of a billion dollars, they could but together a package to Buy back Spiderman at least in time for a cameo in Avengers 2 and a New Film produced by Marvel Studios.....but it does not look likey.
The only reason the Oscorp Tower didn't make it in The Avengers was because the design for it wasn't finished by the time Avengers started filming. Time was the only issue. Would it be nice to see Spider-Man in the MCU? Absolutely. In fact, the MCU feels empty without Spider-Man there. However, that can still be achieved without the rights going back (and it is not that unlikely for it to happen).

Sony is probably not going to reboot for a while. First, they wouldn't risk going through backlash again. There would be even more backlash if a reboot came out within the next 10 years than there was when the current reboot came out. Second, Sony has said that part of the reason they wanted to reboot in the first place was because they believed they grew up Peter Parker too fast in the old films and wanted to slowly develop him, much like how the comics developed him from a high school kid to a fully grown man in 50 years. It would be stupid to reboot after 3 or 4 films if you have the intention of doing that. Third, Webb and Sony have both said that they are building a massive Spider-Man universe with this franchise much like the MCU is a massive universe. Why would they do that if they are just going to discard this universe in a few years? Unless the next films are not successful, we will most likely see the current franchise keep going James Bond style much like the MCU will keep going in the same way.

Also, let's say for the sake of argument that Marvel wouldn't ruin Spider-Man in the films despite the amount of disrespect they've been giving him in every other medium they touched. Even in that case, when would they have the time to make a good quality Spider-Man film? They are way too busy with Avengers and other films. On the other hand, Sony only has to worry about Spider-Man and has far more time to focus on Spider-Man. Marvel would not have the full time to give him the film he deserves.

Would it be nice to see Spider-Man in the MCU? Yes. In fact, we both agree that it is necessary. The MCU feels empty without Spider-Man. However, that can happen without the rights going back to Marvel. And it is not that unlikely for it to happen either based on the relationship that Marvel and Sony have, which is a good one (something both Feige and the Sony CEO have said). Sony even let Marvel use a lot of Spider-Man related properties already such as the ESU shirt in the Item 47 short film and the same Oscorp logo from the movie in the Iron Man 3 game.

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