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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread: - Part 4

While the theatrical release of The Wolverine will almost undoubtedly be Rated PG-13, the filmmakers took the time to film both PG13 and R-rated takes of different sequences and dialogue “just in case.” The stunt team has been always trying to push the rating, but they have sometimes been reigned in by the director. Some of the crew members told us they were hoping that Fox would be willing to release an R-rated version of the film, at least on home video. Hugh Jackman says the studio and filmmakers are open to the possibility of an R-rated cut, but most of the people involved think that Christopher Nolan has shown that an R isn’t essential. And while it’s tempting to make it an R-rated movie, he isn’t sure he could do it — Hugh says he has met so many 13 year old fans over the years and that the filmmakers would need to have an incredible reason to exclude all those pre-18 year old fans from the film.
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