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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by CGHulk View Post
I think they should go even more real like the Dark Knight did, relatung it to some of our current problems.

In the sequel Luthor is pissed because Superman showed up, because he's been covering up that aliens have visited this planet before. He found Kara in ice but he didn't find her ship. Her body is in a underground government facility. With disclosure that we are not alone in the universe he will have a harder time taking over the world through fear and terrorism. The whole time Lex has been creating terrorist attacks in the states created by the CIA and NSA to take the peoples freedoms away with their own fear, ruining America from the inside out. He's been involved in creating wars over seas, by creating terrorist attacks over seas through the CIA and running all the criminal syndicates globally all behind closed doors, and bribing government politicians to his will. Also reaping the benefits of jobs going over seas and toppling governments. He's a monster! Now that Superman has showed up he will take down Lex's control over the world. He finds out about Lex's shadow government and takes it down!

Or even have Brainiac in there, that Lex made contact with Brainiac where it's been a shadow government coverup that Lex and him have been working together, where those that go missing end up on other planets as slaves to Brainiac, while Lex has been uses Brainiac's technology over the decades for weaponry and to take over the world through wire tapping with cell phones, and computers and cloning for protected evil world leaders, all the technology that the people think is is good for them but has been designed for Lex's plan for world domination all along, a one world order under Lex! But Brainiac has other plans and Superman has to take him down, while Lex feels betrayed by his alien accomplice!
Subtle references to current events are one of Goyer's greatest strengths as a screenwriter, so I would be totally in favour of something like this for the sequel. As was the case with The Dark Knight, it would reinforce the fact that this is truly a Superman for the 21st century.

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