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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Basically how I felt...lots of potential, but ultimately underdelivered/-executed.
Pretty much.

First of all - casting. Top notch. Really, really superb all round. Cavill just is Superman through and through. Adams gave a great turn as Lois, who wasn't wet like in Superman Returns, nor did she verge on annoying as Lois incarnations are sometimes apt to do. Loved Michael Shannon. Whoever played Faora was a real scene-stealer. Laureance Fishburne was also great, if underused. Everyone brought their A-game but I really can't praise Cavill enough.

Contrary to everyone, I didn't find the flashbacks too bad. I thought there was perhaps a couple too many and I was sad that the one flashback I wanted to see - the Kents discovering baby Clark - was the one we didn't get. They certainly needed to be contained to the first hour though, apart from the one at the end, which I loved.

The film looked fantastic, even though I'm not a fan of Snyder's direction style. He gives fantastic visuals but sometimes, frenetic and quite distracting camerawork, but you adjust to it. I thought the suit looked incredibly dull in pictures but it worked onscreen. It could've 'popped' a little more but alas.

I thought Henry and Amy had great chemistry but it was rushed. So very, very rushed. Their relationship seemed to progress at lightning speed but I appreciate the fact that she knows his secret identity. I can't lie, however, in the final scene, I was just yearning for some classic Daily Planet dynamics, which the film did sorely miss.

Jonathan Kent's death was just silly. 'Nuff said. If I could change one thing, it would be that scene. I get the intention behind but it just didn't work for me.

I liked seeing young Clark struggle with his powers. It was something a bit new and interesting.

Dialogue was a major, major issue. The dialogue in that scene with young Clark struggling in the classroom, for example, was painful. Very cheesy, very cliché and needed a good script polish. Conversely, I thought the final scene complete with "Welcome to the Planet" was splendid.

The editing was a bit... umm, messy, to say the least. It absolutely reaked of a film that was probably much, much longer and trimmed down considerably. And you could tell. A lot of odd cuts, few proper transitions and it sort of let itself down in that regard. I'd have happily lost a flashback or two if it meant that several other scenes in the movie had room to breathe.

Speaking of things that could be trimmed - the action. Absolutely adored seeing a Superman film with action after the disappointing SR but the final 45 minutes just veered a little too far into gratuitous. As did the random property destruction. Bizarre scenes as Zod's ship hovered over Metropolis (which, much like Gotham in TDKR felt distinctly underwhelming and lacking in character - this needs to be improved for MOS2) but the Daily Planet was absolutely full of people. Only as the destruction started, did people run. And then when they did began, they seemed to have evacuated in seconds as Superman seemed to be fighting in a ghost town for much of the final battle, until Zod moved the fight to more, undestroyed, streets. My main issue isn't necessarily with the loss of life (people surely died but what saw very little of it, bar deserted building after deserted building - an artistic choice I'm sure, but if you're not wanting to imply mass death, don't set your fights in those kind of areas) but the fact that the near decimation is going to be very hard to top in terms of spectacle. And the Daily Planet was up and running in no time again anyway! Madness.

In regards to Zod's death, I felt it was a little overblown with the slow laser and sobbing family, but strangely, I wasn't as bothered by the neck snapping as I thought. I would like to think that will be the first and only time Superman kills someone in this franchise though, and we get some scenes addressing that act in MOS2.

I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I sound like I did from this review. I thought it was solid and I enjoyed it more than TDKR but as I said, the ingredients for something even better was there.

A solid B.

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