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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by NotFadeAway View Post
Matt Bomer could actually nail Bruce Wayne and Batman. I would have no problem casting him. But it's not happening. No way would WB risk casting a gay actor in this big of a role. I could deal with it and so could others. But lets be honest, the backlash would kill the film. The world is not nearly as accepting as us geek squaders!

If this was even like 5 years ago i'd maybe agree with you, not today though. All i hear about bomer is how girls think he's hot and yes even tons of straight guys give him props.

It would not be an issue and frankly in a weird kind of way the fact that he only came out relatively recently as gay, i think that would in some way help with him understanding issues of duality and secrets in bruce wayne's life.

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